Quotes We had the best day with our 8 month old border collie Otto. We learnt so much about his instinct and natural behaviour to herd. Otto absolutely loved it! If your dog is a natural herder then this is the place to go! Not only does the dog enjoy it but we learnt so much more about our boy which we are very grateful to Dave and Geoff for. It's clear they love dogs and are very passionate about sharing their knowledge to help everyone. They even stayed behind after to give us additional training tips. We are already looking forward to going back again ð??? Quotes
Harry, Shauna and Otto
Thank you!!!

Quotes There is no other dog trainer / behaviorist that understands the herding breeds more so than David. His knowledge and experience is incredible. David has completely changed my life with my dog. I now understand him better and our relationship has flourished. David is a our very own Aussie dog whisperer and more. Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes David and Geoff are the epitome of patience. It is obvious they draw on a wealth of knowledge and direct experience with all kinds of dogs. I cannot recommend highly enough if you are after some fun herding with your dog, or getting to the bottom of behavioural issues. These guys certainly know their stuff. David and Geoff have taught me so much about training, but also how to have a great relationship with my dog. We have so much fun every time we go to diggers. Quotes

Quotes My physio told me about Diggers Herding about 8 mths ago when my Border Collie was only about 5 - 6 months old. I finally had the chance to take him down there this weekend, and I've got nothing but praise for David and the team. Buddy had an absolute ball and I can't even express how much help the experience gave me in understanding the thought processes of my boy. Affectionately know as "Knuckle head" my Border Collie is unlike any collie, border collie we've had over the years. He really is the most affectionate sensitive dog and he loves everyone and everything. I took him to this beginners training day simply to run some energy out of him, but I got so much more than that. Even in just 2 days, I've been able to implement a few training tips and have seen a dramatic difference in his behaviour as well as our other Border Collie. I know I still have a long way to go and buddy is only very young I will continue the training, and will be starting my other B.C there as well. Quotes
Happy Nuckle Head

Quotes Having an Australian Cattle Dog, I had been turned away from most other Victorian herding trainers, and even had one trainer kick my then 13 week old puppy! I couldn't find anybody that was willing to work with me and my dog. I was getting disheartened and was ready to give up. Then I met Dave and Geoff. These are two of the most devoted and gentle trainers you will ever meet. They accepted my dog and didn't view her as a bad dog just because she was a heeler. Dave and Geoff have worked with me to adapt the training to suit my dog's needs and have shown patience with myself and my dog. We are not the world's greatest herders (far from it) but they accept us anyway. Dave and Geoff utilise a training method that is based on sound psychological principles and years of experience. They know what they're doing and are able to explain the techniques in ways that anybody could understand. I highly recommend Diggers Herding to all city working dogs and their families. Thank you Dave and Geoff Quotes
Dog Trainer and satisfied customer

Quotes If you own a working dog breed or a cross breed with working dog thrown in their genes somewhere, I could not recommend Diggers Herding enough. Not only do they provide your fur baby a safe and nurturing environment to exercise their inbuilt need to herd, they also support you and help you understand your dog's behavior both in and out of the ring. I rescued Winnie my gorgeous Kelpie at 5.5 months old. we have been going to herding for a while now and she is fit, healthy and happy because she gets to do what she was born to do, socialize and learn new skills. we have made some great friends both two and four legged and I will continue to bring her here despite living almost 2 hours away. it is well worth the time and effort to get there and every cent. Geoff and Dave really understand working dog breeds and help you and your dog have a better relationship. I had never handled sheep or herded before in my life and I urge you give it a go you'll both love it! Quotes
Claire and Winnie
Thankful Customer

Quotes Five 5 star, The best experience for not only my dog but also for me! Could not recommend this place enough! My 5 month old pup had an absolute blast and I got to learn from an incredibly knowledgable team. I'm so glad I got to have this awesome experience with my wonderful dog. You can clearly see the passion in the team working there and their knowledge on all things dogs/training/herding/breeding/behaviour is incredible. The hour drive was well worth it! Like · Comment · on Saturday Quotes
Jade Barnden
The best experience

Quotes Today we took our 10 month old Kelpie Taya to the beginners class and I could not be happier. I did not know what to expect and thought she would just get put in a pen of sheep and made to "work" I was pleasantly surprised when we also learnt about our dog more, her behaviours, reasons for what and why they do what they do. The lessons were short little spouts for each dog, David always ensuring they did not over do it in the heat and had plenty of rests between lessons. It was a fantastic day, fun and we were also involved which was great. I would highly recommend Diggers Herding to anyone that has a working dog and we cannot wait to go again. Taya loved it and so did we. The constant feedback, encouragement from David was excellent and reassuring. I am so glad we were able to participate and allow our baby girl to do what she was bred to do Thankyou fro. Shelley, Brett, Rhiley & Taya Quotes
Taya's mum

Quotes I had previously taken my kelpie to a different herding training and she was scared of the sheep, wouldn't go anywhere near them and jumped the fence to get the hell out of there! I was told that she would unlikely be any good with herding. After hearing good things about Diggers Herding I decided to try my kelpie out there. Diggers Herding use a a gentle, fun, knowledgeable approach and by the end of the day my "scared of sheep kelpie" was having the time of her life herding them! I really didn't expect such a big improvement in just one day! Thanks Diggers Herding. Quotes
Happy Kelpie Owner

Quotes We took our 2 kelpie crosses for a day out at Diggers Herding. We wanted to see our girls in action and allow them an outlet for their instincts which are so clearly displayed at the dog park in herding other dogs. David and Geoff were both very informative and passionate about what they do. All the dogs really enjoyed their day and we look forward to taking our pups for some follow up classes. A great day out for any dog owners. Quotes
Lauren and Josh
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