Quotes Heidi learns so quickly, but gets bored just as quickly, and was totally bored with the repetition of obedience. She needs something that requires mental stimulation. It was recommended to me to try Herding to give her confidence and fulfill her mental needs. (She seems to naturally herd anything from butterflies to family members!) Diggers Herding was recommended via members from my obedience club. Her first attempt was a bit disappointing, as she tried to climb out of the pen....But after a couple of attempts she is DESPERATELY TRYING TO CLIMB IN THE PEN! SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!! I took Heidi to an Obedience Trial 1 week later, and the change in her attitude was nothing short of Incredible. She was so confident and happy to work. She gained her 1st Novice Pass. Heidi and I can't wait to get back to herding. Thankyou so much to Dave and Geoff for opening our eyes to such a fantastic sport. Were "hooked'! Quotes
"Heidi's Mum, customer"

Quotes I have been owned by a gorgeous Kelpie in the city for 6 wonderful years. I discovered Diggers K9 Education and Herding in Nov 2010 and discovered after many years at failed obedience and feeling like a bad owner, that I OWN a Kelpie who is not only obedient but found something to drive her desire to be obedient - HERDING. David and Geoff explain things in a non-derogatory way, teach you how to set the dogs up for a win and in return you win and feel great about yourself and realise you are not a failure and have not let your dog down, you just needed a different way to learn and understand the complexities of owning and training a working dog in the city. We have added to our family another Kelpie puppy who through Diggers close guidance is learning right from the start the correct things to engage his mind and little Nugget has won hearts all over and everyone who attends. My life has changed thanks to these wonderful guys and the group that attend and count down to each session. Quotes

Quotes Our Koolie 'Ella' has been so much better behaved since she went to herding school. It's like she's only just realised she's a dog (and not a princess)! Quotes
Tracey Claire
Ella's mum

Quotes Owning a working dog is both joyous & frustrating which is where Dave & Geoff come into play. I have been taking my dogs for a few months to Diggers Herding not just for them but for my understanding of how their brain works & then putting it into play. Thank you Dave & Geoff for your understanding & kind approach with Wal & Tessa, we now are life member's. Kim Quotes

Quotes I have been attending classes at Diggers Herding since May 2010 with our dog, Dusty. I adopted Dusty, a Kelpie x from a shelter at the age of 8 mths. I was desperate to find someone to help me understand and bond with Dusty as he was a little hard to keep up with, no recall and worse he chased cars. Dusty got bored very quickly at obedience and I found the trainers didn?t really understand his needs because he was full on and tended to ignore us in classes. Fortunately we got on to herding with David and Geoff, as it turns out herding was just what Dusty needed. Dave and Geoff teach owners how to become more understanding owners of their working dogs and have fun doing it. I now have an awesome relationship with my dog and a fantastic hobby as well. Dusty?s recall, though not yet perfect, is fantastic and most of all he no longer has the need to chase cars. Dusty is now on his way to getting his Herding Started title as well; which is something I never expected, but thoroughly love! Quotes

Quotes I first went to Dave and Geoff in 2008, with my then 5 month old kelpie, Leroy. My main problem with him was his desire to chase cars. I live in the suburbs of melbourne on a busy main road and i always feared for the worst. Leroy also liked to 'herd' small dogs at the park so i always thought he would be a 'natural' at herding. Leroy and I have since been working hard and training. We now compete in Yard Dog trials, without looking like complete fools and we have just began duck herding and recently won our first competition. I've enjoyed training and trialing with Leroy so much, we have introduced an addition to our family, Tommy. Without Diggers Herding i would never have known about the wonderful world of herding. Thanks Dave and Geoff. Cheers, Quotes

Quotes Dakota, my 2.5 y.o female Samoyed, and I attended a Beginners Herding Workshop on Saturday. Having never seen sheep up close, I had no idea how she would react, but it turns out she most certainly has the instinct for it, just needs some fine tuning! We found the day most informative, and David was a pleasure to learn from. It was also fantastic to see some experienced dogs work their magic, amazing stuff guys! Quotes
Smiling Sammies return to their roots!

Quotes I have been taking my Kelpie - Digga- for the last few months now to Diggers Herding classes/ days. It is fantastic, they are extremely supportive and offer simple to understand advice on all aspects, and the best part is, it is always a relaxed and easy going day. It is amazing the difference you immediately see in a working dog as soon as they go in the yard with the sheep, you can see the dogs "turn on" and get in to it. With some guidance from both David and Geoff, Digga has gone from being a complete nutter to a great dog! Thanks again David and Geoff we are counting down the minutes to the next herding day :-) Glenn, Melissa and Digga Quotes

Quotes SHEEP HERDING! I took my GSD for a day of herding. An absolute amazing experience - words cannot express the day we had, we cant wait to go back, David & Geoff were fabulous, friendly and helpful Quotes

Quotes Working with David and Geoff of Diggers K9 Education for the last 4 and a half years, has made a world of difference to both my dog and myself. My dog has gone from a nervous reactive dog, to a dog that can handle a fair amount of pressure, unfamiliar dogs and unusual situations. Both the obedience work and the herding have made her a much more confident dog, that now interacts with other dogs. For myself, my skills as a handler have improved along with my confidence and ability to read and understand my dog and her needs and tolerances. The support offered by Diggers K9 Education is fantastic, supportive and constructive. Their knowledge is applied in a practical no nonsense fashion and their ability to convey that knowledge is excellent. Without their assistance, time and dedication, my dog may well have been to the point that euthanasia was a likely outcome. She is now a great dog to have around. We can not thank them enough. Yvette & Tashi Quotes