What does my dog need to know before starting herding?
Your dog needs to know very little before herding. We have had dogs that are obedience champions and dogs that are straight out of the pound. What your dog really needs is instinct. Recall and sit are handy but aren't essential.
Is my dog too old or young to start herding?

If your dog is physically fit and healthy then he is never too old. If you are unsure ask your vet for a physical.

We like to start pups herding as early as possible. Some pups are started as early as 6 weeks of age. 

What do I need to bring for a Beginners Workshop?

You will need to bring a flat buckle collar, lead, good covered shoes / boots, sunscreen, hat, sunnies, vaccination card, something for lunch (BBQ facility available), dog and sense of humour.

Do I  need to bring treats for my dog ?

Your dog will not need treats when herding, However, it can be handy to have them when you are waiting for your turn or when you are in theory lesson's.

My dog has experience, why do I need to attend a beginners workshop ?
  • Learn rules of Diggers Herding & K9 Education
  • Learn the theory behind the herding instincts and gain an understanding of canine drives
  • Learn about "Natural Dog Training"
  • Learn about sheep behaviour
  • Learn about your dog.

What is a flat buckle collar ?

A flat buckle collar, Is a normal collar but it has a "metal" buckle where it does up and connects to the dogs lead.

If you don't have one please let us know and we can lend one from us.

Can I bring my children along for the day ?

Children are most welcome, however, Diggers Herding take no responsibility. All Children must be under full supervision at all times by their parents, family member or guardian.

So please feel free to bring the children, but keep them on a lead... lol, kidding.

Make sure you bring them lots of snacks and something to drink. We also don't have any facilities for kids to play on.

Can I bring friends to be spectators?

You are most welcome to bring friends and family member's, However within reason of course for catering reasons.

Also keep in mind if there are to many familiar people around on the day, Your dog may get distracted and can make thing's a bit challenging.

Does your dog have to be fully vaccinated before attending a herding session?

All Adult dogs "must" be fully vaccinated before attending Diggers Herding. No ifs nor buts !!!!

Pup's must have there first & there second vaccination before attending Diggers Herding. No ifs nor buts !!!

All vaccination cards are to be shown on beginners day's. This is for the safety of your dogs and also our own !!!

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