Play Training is the most powerful way to train your dog. We have been play training dogs for well over 15 years and Dave now over 30 years.

Some of our “stars” of play training are Dylan the Koolie Kelpie cross, Casterton Kelpie Idol 7 years running and contestant on Australia’s got talent. Sahara, the rescue, who has starred in many multimedia projects for both QANTAS and Jetpets among

others. Rosie the Kelpie, high jump champion and multi Casterton Triathlon winner.


Play training engages you and your dog like no other style of training. Teaching dogs recalls, heel, focus and special tricks becomes fun and exciting for both of you. Play training builds confidence and keeps you and your dog fit.

A recent study has also shown that significantly lower cortisol levels, indicating lower long-term stress levels, were found in the dogs whose owners played with them often. 

What you’ll learn;

Theory….don’t worry, we’ll make it fun.

Building solid foundations and motivating your dog.

Toy selection and how to engage in different ways.

Using food.

Tug of war…good or bad, the rules of engaging.

Avoiding obsessive behaviour and teaching a reliable stop.

Inducing, shaping, free shaping. Markers and rewarding behaviours.

How and when to name a behaviour.

Impulse control games.

Loads of fun play practical.