Herding Beginner's Workshops

This is a "must do" for anyone who has a working breed. Not only does it give your canine companion an outlet for all those pent up instincts, it assists you in gaining more control and a better understanding of them.
Our workshops are designed to be fun and very informative for all levels of handlers and dogs, so no prior training is required.
Follow up training group days are held frequently or you can organise a one on one session once you have completed the Beginner's Day. 
For more information or to book in please contact us. 

Herding Beginner's Private

For people who would like a personal introduction to herding. 
Maybe your dog has dog to dog issues or you need that personal touch.

This session is 3 hours long and can be organised for any day of the week or weekends where we have availability.
This can also be organised for two people and two dogs.
Once you have completed the Beginner's class, follow up one on one training can be organised on availability or you can join our group training days.

For more information or to book in please contact us. 

Behavioural Sessions

Whatever undesirable behaviour your canine companion can come up with, we've seen it all. Recall, chasing, obsessions, lead pulling, to name a few, can stretch the relationship with your dog.
Our behavioural consultations are 1 ½ or 2 hours in length and give you a plan to manage, modify and improve unwanted behaviours.
All methods are based on kind, fun and science based techniques to improve and nurture a good relationship with your dog.
For more information or to book in please contact us. 

Play Training Days.

What working breed doesn't like playing ball, frisbee and tug?
Turn your dogs' play obsession into a invaluable training and reinforcement tool.
Play training engages you and your dog like no other style of training. Teaching dogs recalls, heel, focus and special tricks becomes fun and exciting for you both. Play  training builds confidence and keeps you and your dog fit.
Play training days are group sessions and run for approximately 5 - 6 hours.
For more information or to book in please contact us. 

Foundation Sessions

Do you want to give your dog or pup the best start in life?
Our Foundation sessions are for setting up the building blocks for you and your dog’s life together. 
Sessions are 2 hours long and cover;
  • Reinforcements, what, how and when.
  • Teaching clear communication.
  • Training / teaching methods.
  • Place, recall, focus and leave it games
  • Relationship / trust.
  • & more.

For more information or to book in please contact us.  

General Training

Whatever your training needs;

  • Herding Training group days
  • Herding training one on one.
  • Play Training groups.
  • Recalls.
  • Obedience.
  • Lead training.
  • Tricks.
  • For more events please check our calendar

 please do not hesitate to contact us.